Tem Quem Queira

Tem Quem Queira is a social company that offers social inclusion opportunity for prisoners. For that, it reuses vinyl canvas used in advertisement and promotional events, which, otherwise, would be discarded. The three workshops of the project produce together an average of 3 thousand pieces per month, taking out of circulation more than 4 thousand square meters of canvas monthly and employing about 40 people.

For the advertising of TQQ products as quality and sustainable fashion accessories, Approach/Juntos uses the strategy of associating sustainability values to fashion assignments, focusing great media outlets and the environment, fashion and third sector niches. From the interaction between the company’s action and the work for the brand strengthening developed by Approach/Juntos, a strong work on Facebook also appears, aiming at the disclosure of products and initiatives, in addition to the capture of raw materials. The objective is that, Tem Quem Queira already awarded action, becomes more known and can multiply in other cities and states.

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