From planning to action, services
that engage, include and dialogue.

Service Platform

Content and Strategy

Strategic communication planning – How to reach your brand’s objectives while generating social impact? How to understand and connect with the causes regarding your audiences? Strategic planning guides the organizations’ resources and actions to reach common social objectives, consolidating their position.

Consulting in citizen brand – Consultancy and support in building an acknowledged citizen brand.

Consulting in branded content – We plan and develop contents that dialogue with strategic causes to the society, their values and institutional purposes, and with your audience.

Development of social, cultural and environmental programs and projects– We have expertise in creating and developing projects with a high impact for the sustainability of people, environments and organizations.

Content curatorship – Research, monitoring and edition of contents related to causes and to the action for a purpose.

Engagement and Dialogue

Relationship with the media – We support the dialogue with the mass and specialized press about causes, citizen action and social, environmental and cultural projects.

Management and engagement of stakeholders – We help organizations to understand which their audiences, the causes they must value are and the ways to establish a continuous dialogue with those audiences.

Articulation and management of social networks and community projects – A successful project always starts by sharing knowledges and motivations to reach a common objective.

Social license – Integrating interested communities and ensuring that everything will be made respecting leaderships and local actions promotes trust and legitimacy, and is an achievement on behalf of development with social justice.

Executive coaching – Lectures, courses, experiences and immersions to understand what is happening in the world and in Brazil today, by putting attitudes and decisions in tune with the requests from the society and its opinion leaders. See more at LabJuntos.

Hallmarks and certifications – We support the organizations in getting hallmarks that qualify their managements and legitimate their action regarding causes.


Campaigns – A creative and multiplatform approach and a current and light language help to promote empathy and to communicate priceless values.

Trend books – Be updated on the most stimulating things happening in the world today. Themes, scenes, trends, polemic subjects, all treated in an attractive, modern way, using design thinking tools, illustrations, infographics and editorial investigation techniques. Show your theme or be inspired by our menu of trends. Click here for more information.

Annual and sustainability reports – Accountability is much more than just filling in forms. Dialoguing with the society and with stakeholders requires genuine content and consistent reporting techniques. We use methodologies such as the Integrated Report and GRI, and techniques such as storytelling to present results and tell stories that engage.

Strategy for the web – Web-documentaries, social networks, new media and digital platforms. We are prepared to use all of the internet potential to communicate and engage for your causes.

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