For politicians

Government strategic plan > Communication strategy > Campaign

Legislature strategic plan > Communication strategy > Campaign


| Multidisciplinary team: planning, creation, production and monitoring.

| A team composed of communicators, journalists, philosophers, and other specialists that translate those contents in working platforms, in goals and operationalization. In indicators and performance monitoring.

| Consulting in integrated communication, by creating the right profile for each person, Consultancy for government plan, campaign strategy, communication campaign or direct mandate advising. It goes from coaching to the positive result during the tenure and in ballot boxes.

| Dialogue with the press and opinion leaders. Positioning in the media and in central environments for the themes it buys. Innovation in the relationship with the different audiences.

| An immersion lab with themes and people that are relevant to connect politicians or candidates with the social and cultural dynamics. With the best ideas and views of the world.

| Crisis management.

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