We are a sound.

We believe in the change of values and in people’s attitudes to promote new meanings that inspire freedom, well-being and achievement of dreams and rights.

Meanings that give a real sense for us to be together, here in the same boat, in this moment, in the most diverse places in the planet where we are living.

We dream of a world where women can decide about their bodies and their way of being and living … and where they are paid equally to men…

Where every kind of love can be the inspiration to promote beauty and authenticity.

We believe love and empathy are true sources for peace, happiness and knowledge.

And where there are motivated people, there is energy for change, renewal and creativity.

All we need is just to fill in the blanks.

Bringing out the music, the poetry that the collective sound brings us to transform the place and the moment in which we live, exchange, learn with creativity.

Our planet, our community, each one of us.

The sound we produce together.

The stories we need to tell to feel united.

The values and attitudes we communicate to inspire the changes we want to see in the world.

Together we celebrate the sound of change!

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