A space for the reflection about what is
changing the world… now.


LabJuntos is an immersion program that combines short and long-term journeys, organized according to the interests of each participant. It gathers training, meetings with thinkers, researchers, practical experiences and coaching in global and local cultural scenes and trends. Aiming at executives, leaderships and opinion leaders, LabJuntos offers a platform for a better positioning, dialogue and expression in a complex and polyphonic world. It also integrates a line of Trendbooks with customized themes that handle what is in the current assignment of society.

Themes such as: Body, gender and diversity; Frontiers, immigration and multiculturalism; Authorial consumption; Nature, design and innovation; Spirituality and self-consciousness; Security and peace culture; Consciousness and search of rights; Leisure, cultural movements and self-expression; Connectivity; Democracy and representation; Political Communication and many others that we study with partners and put in the agenda to get the world in tune with you.

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