Three hours or three weeks journeys. For the curious and executives. Journalists and opinion leaders. To inspire or to give tools. The focus is to better solve your issues. Update concepts; understand where the world is going.

A coaching that puts your commitments in tune with the most active themes and practices in the society. And guided by who really masters in the subject.

Want to know how to understand the new feminism and not to be wrong in a relationship with women? Or the aspirations of those who are younger than 30? What bikes and new business models have in common? How ethics and truth are banners that nobody can ignore anymore?

These and other subjects in our trends lab that gathers cool and important people in journeys where you choose the time, customize themes and define expectations you want to be met.

The journeys are organized into 3 great areas:

INSPIRE – where we invite inspirers from the arts, spirituality, business, activism, science, technology and innovation for fast journeys, workshops or immersions on weekends that bring different contents and collaborate for new views;

QUALIFY – with programs in which the focus is to organize projects, programs and initiatives. A coaching where the right people are invited to work with the questions made by those who hire. Giving tips, examples, presenting surveys and showing that there are creative ways to reach the result you want;

CO-CREATE – have you ever thought of applying a still little known technology to speed up a process that could develop better? Or, participating in a co-creation table where several minds help to think varied solutions for a problem that seems insoluble? This is the perfect journey. And we have prepared it for you, with the tools and the necessary mediation for the result to be objective, quick and clear for all.

And of course, you can mix them. And create other proposals. We organize an ideal route for you, your team, your organization.

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